The journey begins!

By Steph G
Be unconventional, follow your passion - that is the motto we have been living by in developing Classic Petrolheads. This is not just about restoring classic cars and writing about them. Nor is it just about road trips and car themed photography amidst pretty landscapes. Nor even just about the engineering and technological breakthroughs that have hurled us forward into the modern automotive age. And what of honouring those who in remaining stubbornly unconventional and who in relentlessly following their passion became makers of automotive history? This is not just about them either...
Classic Petrolheads is about all of that put together and much much more. It is intended as a solemn celebration of that brilliant machine that turns adults into children at the very sound of its throttle and sight of its curves. A heartfelt testimony to those incorrigible romantics who through their love and passion for that very same machine - nothing more than a pile of nuts, bolts, metal and rubber - helped create an entire Lifestyle with such universally enormous appeal. From the design lines defining the poster cars themselves, to the technology beneath their hood. And from the fashion trends lurking closely behind, to the status and appeal that follow.
Whatever the angle, there is a car enthusiast of some shape and form hidden in almost everyone.
This then is a celebration of the classic motoring lifestyle by petrolheads for petrolheads. A very ambitious project it may be, but we intend to have as much fun as we can in the process and hope you'll join us in doing so!
Stay tuned to learn about our car restoration pipeline and to hear from our Associate Petrolheads through their upcoming blog posts. Follow us on road trips along some of Europe's most breathtakingly beautiful driving routes in fittingly iconic cars. Join us in classic car - and not only - related events. Connect with us through Facebook and Instagram and let us know what you think!
Be unconventional and keep following your passion!
Steph G