Austin Healey 3000 MK II 1964 - FOR SALE - an ideal restoration project!


By Classic Petrolheads

99% complete, ideal restoration project as the car is rust free. A few spare parts included in the sale. The car is equipped with wire wheels. A great opportunity to own a classic British sports car. Viewing is essential.

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CP Workshop Diaries: The Porsche 914 - from childhood dream to restoration project


By Costas S.

Many many moons ago, when accountants could also be referred to as computers (by virtue of the fact they did computations, see?) and leaded petrol was, well… petrol, I heard from a friend that another friend had just come back from Germany in a gorgeous sports car. A Porsche 914! Before then I had seen the occasional sports car shoot down the road but I had never been close enough to touch and smell one, let alone sit and be driven in one. I’d heard the names Porsche and Ferrari and Lamborghini branded about and I had seen these cars in pictures but I’d never seen one in real life.

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Australia diaries: Goondiwindi road trip


By Michi R.

This should really be called a road trip within a road trip since while traveling up the east coast in my Holden Commodore, about 2,000 km from Sydney I suddenly got a call from a friend who had just started her farm work in a small town called Goondiwindi, asking if I wanted to go visit her since she had the weekend off. Being only a 5 hour drive away, which for Australian standards is basically walking distance, I decided to get off the beaten track and pick her up in that little town in the middle of nowhere.

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An enthusiast’s guide to maintaining your 944 (and classics in general) – Part II


By Alex Proto

Hi and welcome to Part II of the enthusiast’s guide to maintaining your 944 (and classics in general). If you missed Part I check it out here.

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Savoy to Geneva: Make the B road great again


By Steph G.

Oh France, you've gone and done it to us again. For the copious amounts of delicious food and wine, as well as the endless snow covered pistes, were apparently not enough. On top of the gained weight, the emotional baggage we carried back home with us had to include your B road views as well. Yet again.

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An enthusiast’s guide to maintaining your 944 (and classics in general) – Part I


By Alex Proto

In many ways I’m your typical petrolhead… I’ve been around the track in anything from Caterhams to Jags, Porsches and Lambos. I’ve even subjected my trusty 944 turbo to multiple sessions at Brands Hatch and Snetterton, pushing this perfectly balanced beast to its limits (and,yes, past them… and into the pit).

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