A petrolhead's alternative ode to Sir Winston Churchill


By Steph G.

This day one-hundred-and-forty-two Novembers ago saw the birth of one of the most influential personas of the 20th Century. Mythified by some, scorned by others, but recognisable by all. There have been countless biographies, articles and memoirs written about Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill over the years. And this is definitely not one of them.

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Sardinia road trip: Two noobs and a Wrangler


By Michi R.

Summer 2013, 36 degrees Celsius in Munich and the only thing being planned was my usual trip to Sardinia. It is the second biggest island in the Mediterranean and with a mix of beautiful beaches and mountains, full of nice roads to drive on, it makes for a perfect road trip area amidst awesome landscapes.

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The Lotus experience: A motorsport journey back in time


By Alexandros S. & Steph G.

A rainy December afternoon, Steph gets an incoming Skype call from Alexandros; "Dude, I've got just the thing for us to do! The Lotus Driving Academy experience! Race driving training for a day!" he said with the excitement of a ten-year-old.

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An Italian love story : The Maserati Ghibli Cup


By Kon P.

It was the summer of 1999, Greece was at its best. After several years of strong growth and with the upcoming Olympic games in sight, the economy was booming and the future seemed bright.

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Take a B road. And don’t forget your sunscreen.


By Mark K.

In our daily routine we are often so busy that all we can think about is the next place that we need to be. And when the time comes to be somewhere else, we often want to get there as quickly as possible even knowing that we are speeding past interesting things along the way.

So we set out on a trip designed to avoid highways. Our trip was about driving to drive, rather than to get somewhere.  And what better way than to drive a classic German car down an iconic Bavarian road.

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Monaco Grand Prix Weekend: a Girl’s Perspective.


By Lana K.

Holding my umbrella, I am sitting under the pouring rain, watching an exciting race in front of my eyes. I am in Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Without bias, Formula 1 is largely a man’s sport. Men see it from a technology and competition perspective. Women see it differently and it’s hardly only about the racing. Join me in sharing this perspective while living through this weekend’s event.

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